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Doing good, one block at a time

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

This is me a few years ago. My idea of a fun day out was to go to the Lego Store and get inspired on what to build next. Having indulgent parents helped!

We built the Tower Bridge, multiple Star Wars Lego's and every City edition in production. Every shelf in our home had my Lego models. But then we had to move home, and moving built pieces is never easy. Unfortunately a number of them broke, and I threw out most of their instructions.

I now have boxes of Lego, broken battleships and homes, planes without wings, and cars without wheels or doors. I cannot get myself to throw them out as they were an integral part of my childhood.

I could romantically say that each block tells a story, and hence I want to build these blocks again. This time as a Master Builder, without the instruction manuals, just using my imagination, to create pieces that are useful to people around me. A ramp for a wheelchair, a stand for a mobile learning device, a walking stick even. Thats the plan!

To do good, one block at a time.

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