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My RAMP for wheelchairs

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

The idea with the ramp is to use spare blocks and math to create a wheelchair ramp that is easy to carry and can be used anywhere.

The standard height of a step is usually 6 inches and the tread of a step is usually 12 inches. Using Pythagoras' Theorem, we first need to find the LENGTH of the ramp that we will need.

So based on the basic step lengths, we find that we need the length of the ramp - which is the top where the wheelchair will ride over, to be 13.41 inches. But this is an absolute number, and can be rounded up to about 14 inches.

Lets go with 14 inches as the size of the base that you will make.

With the basic dimensions done, lets understand the building blocks we need:

1) A ramp on which the wheels of the wheelchair will ride

2) Stilts that hold up that ramp, so that it is stable

Remember, the size of a simple Lego block is .9cm in height - so you will need many blocks to build this. But with many blocks come many joints. And with many joints come many places for your ramp to break or become unstable.

I made 2 ramps, so that it could be easy to transport, and can be used in a number of locations.

And this what the finished products look like somewhere in Central London

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